Bybee Active Room Neutralizer ($650): An even more powerful edition than the standard version (reviewed here), as these require to be charged via an AC outlet. Russell wrote in his July, 2015 review “…They [standard Room Neutralizers] are far and away the most singular and extraordinary device I have ever had the privilege to audition. I have tried to think of new phrases, new and creative adjectives and similes with which to describe their effects, but I am just not that creative and I might well end in simply repeating myself.” Russell’s review of the new active version is in the works! Stay tuned! (Russell Lichter)


Bybee SE AC Adapters: ($2,995): New and improved, this updated model is said to even go further at removing grit and grunge right at your source. I remind you, the type of noises you never knew existed until you install this handsomely built device. Works quite well at various locations as well particularly at your AC conditioner. Review in the works (Clement Perry) 

Bybee Bullet_03__43232.1425073804.600.800.jpg
Bybee Crystal Series Speaker Bullets: ($5500): Bybee New Crystal series Speaker Bullets ($5500): Can’t really say how Jack Bybee does it, but he’s found a way to make this, a most advanced version of his Speaker Bullets technology, increasingly more truthful to the source.  Where I notice it almost immediately is on the frequency extremes: treble is further extended while the bass quicker and possesses a more lively character. Review in the works. (Clement Perry) 



Core Power Technologies EQUI=CORE 300 (EQUI=CORE  300  $799.00 w/2.5 foot cord, $849.00 w/5.5 foot cord, $899.00 with 8.5 foot cord reviewed here):It might be trite to say I heard things I’d never heard before, but it’s true. With the EQUI=CORE 300, everything seems so much more 3-dimensional and effortless. The presentation sounds SO much bigger and more dynamic, with deeper and more enveloping bass within a much deeper soundstage Micro dynamics and subtle nuances that escaped me before are far more apparent, the noise floor has dropped noticeably lower and the 300 appears to offer a 12 to 20+dB boost in dynamic range.  Upon hearing the EQUI=CORE 300 for the first time, I wrote Core Power Techs Mark Schifter the following: ‘Magnificent! It ain’t coming back.’ Since then I’ve acquired a second 300. (Greg Voth)



Dream Weaver Audio Dream Weaver AC cord
($2500 7 ft standard): Heard through the audio grapevine that this specially-made AC cord was worth hearing. Glad I took the bait. This new flat cable boasts virtually no skin-effect, signal-loss and a non-magnetic construction. Sonic attributes are similar to other flat geometry designs minus one thing: these possess and uncanny sense of body and harmonic richness. As suspected, the Dream Weaver is super fast, super transparent but offers a taut low-end on the Grandinote monoblocks feeding my Soundkaos Wave 40 loudspeakers. (Clement Perry)



Entreq K2 and Everest Grounding Box Accessories ($249.00): Entreq has always used wooden caps on the binding posts of all their Ground Boxes. Wood is totally neutral and adds no new capacity and in that sense it is perfect. Entreq has replaced their existing wooden caps with a special wood cap produced with a special metal mix. These caps are the K2 and Everest. The performance I experienced once I replaced my existing caps on my Olympus Minimus and Olympus Tellus units was shocking. Replacing each single ground post with an Everest Cap enabled each unit to achieve eye/ear opening performance, providing more body, quietness, and calm to every recording I listened to. I would never have believed it if I had not heard the improvements with mine own ears. A message to all Entreq owners: you owe it to yourselves to invest in this magnificent upgrade, you will not only thank the folks at Entreq, your system will also thank you. Well worth the investment. (Moreno Mitchell)




Franc Audio Accessories Ceramic Disk Slim Foot: ($500 per set of 4): Surprisingly effective! A well-made set of ceramic iso-feet from PaweĹ‚ Franc Skulimowski of Poland, that actually improves speed, dyamics, weight and image specificity to both the New Audio Frontiers’ 300B SE integrated and Grandinote Demone mono amps. Review in the works. (Clement Perry)  



Langerton Configurations Block 5 Component Feet ($1,280.00/set of 3): The Block 5 is a meticulously crafted anti-resonance device made by Langerton Configurations out of its production facility in Castle Trautskirchen in Germany.  They are atypical in that they are made from several different materials and are height adjustable.  After installing the Block 5s under my components, I immediately heard additional clarity, detail and speed with improved dynamic precision.  (Key Kim)




Kemp Elektronics Maxiimus P16 ($1500) and M100 ($2900)
: [Manufacturer’s claim: 
The MAXiiMUS derives its energy from the permanent flow of electrons from nature. This flow of electrons is caused by the difference in potential between the ionosphere and the earth. The strong Tachyon field in the accumulators inside the MAXiiMUS acts as an antenna which derives electrons from this potential difference and injects them directly into the circuit. This process enhances the efficiency of the electricity, which in turn leads to less power consumption. Audio/video sets will significantly benefit from this process too!]


Kemp P16 Maxiimus Shunt Conditioner ($1500.00): Strong Tachyon field? Accumulators?? What the %&#! Not sure whether to believe these claims but one thing is certain – I immediately detected a HUGE difference when the P16’s were installed (for which I later wrote about in my review here). Others have written me stating similar sonic results as well. Some months later the much larger (50 lbs!!) Maxiimus M100 arrived and all I can say is, the Maxiimus M100 kicks in at the lower bass region, right where the P16 gracefully starts to trail off. Most surprising is the Maxiimus M100 is designed as an AC conditioner for your existing AC conditioner(!) Unlike the P16, which is a shunt conditioner, (shunt conditioners are universally less invasive in that they require only to be plugged into an AC outlet. AC conditioners require you to plug a component into them in order to work). (Clement Perry)

Kemp Elektronics Maxiimus P16: 2015 was a banner year for me when it came to sonic upgrades via tweaks. I am speaking specifically of the Kemp Elektronics Maxiimus P40 and P16 conditioners. The best tweak I’ve ever encountered like Clement stated in his review?  Well, I must concur that I can’t think of any other tweak that proved to be more sonically impactful. CP attempted to write on how the P16 operates which is still a mystery. However, my sonic impressions mirror his right down to the last detail. 

Kemp Maxiimus M100 ($2900): In the case of the M100, that component should be your favorite AC conditioner. That’s right, the Maxiimus M100 (and P40) are designed specifically around your current AC conditioner. The Maxiimus M100 sole purpose is to make your current AC conditioner more efficient and thus effective. Not replace it. It’s hard to believe and maybe harder to accept by most that two AC conditioners are better than one. I too had a very hard time grasping my mind around the idea. I’m just glad I got the chance to audition it and then offer an opinion. All I can say is that my system is much, much cleaner and more delicate and less restrictive today than it was prior to the M100’s arrival. It’s as if the Maxiimus M100 turned up the overall quiet. High frequencies have more shimmer and sparkle while the low-frequencies are noticeably crispier and cleaner with greater dynamic shadings as well. Most importantly, there’s nary a hint that something extra is now in the signal path. It’s incredibly transparent. Thank God. Pretty remarkable and a steal for the $3k asking price! (Clement Perry)   

Kemp MAXiiMUS M100 AC Conditioner (approx. €2,900 Euro): A much larger version of the P40, I am nearly at a loss for words in being able to describe what this unit does for the sound of my system. Just plug my Bybee conditioner into it and EVERY aspect of the sound and soundstage is dramatically improved to a degree I had not thought possible. Easily one of the best tweak products I have encountered, no serious system should be without one of these. (Ron Cook)

Kemp Maxiimus P40 operates quite differently from the P16 as the P40 works internally on your incoming electricity rather than externally on the environment as the P16. It’s designed to clean AC conditioners, believe it or not. Physically, it is twice the size of the P16 and weighs in close to 20 pounds. Plugging my PS Audio Power Plant into the P40 added more three-dimensionality, sonic impact, and a higher level of transparency than I would not believe if I’d not heard it for myself. Review in the works! (Moreno Mitchell) 



Oyaide Tunami Nigo V2 speaker cable ($900 3 meter), Tunami Terzo RR V2 interconnects ($300.00 meter) and Tunami GPX-R V2 AC cords  ($550.00 per five ft): As observed during my review of these Oyaide Elec. Co interconnects and speaker cables, there is more of a liveliness (or alive-ness) with these products than produced by my long-used Synergistic Research reference cables. The Oyaide Tunami Terzo RR V2 interconnects and Tunami GPX-R V2 power cables deliver a clarity in the low, mid and high frequencies that’s quite apparent from first listen. Both pocketbook friendly and pleasing to the ear, these Oyaide offerings reproduce natural timbers and resonances that bring acoustic instruments to life at earthbound prices. They don’t scream ‘look at me!’, like over-adorned audio jewelry demands, though they are well-made and quite handsome. These Oyaide products offer a good bit of audio truth in a confident whisper. Images are solid, timbers are truthful and they generated a nice synergy with my components. They remain in my system. (Greg Voth)  





Soundstring Gen II SE speaker cables ($400 per 8 ft), Gen II SE interconnects ($540 per meter), and Gen II SE AC cords ($350 ea): Perhaps the best bargain in cables period! Not quite sonically nimble-footed as the most exorbitantly priced cables I’ve heard but vastly superior to everything I’ve heard in their price range and many times beyond! Their well-balanced and well-behaved regardless of complexity of signal. Rich harmonics is their charm. Review in the works (Clement Perry)


 Stealth Dream V16_UNI_850.jpg

Stealth Audio Dream V16T UNI AC Cord ($6,650.00 – 2 meters): The Stealth Audio Dream V16T UNI Power Cord is fantastic. You would not expect anything different coming from Stealth Audio. The UNI stands for universal, meaning the power cord can be setup to be used with either a digital, power, wall, or preamp connection. The “T” designation stands for Tunable. The Power Cord also has a Tunable Collar that can be fine-tuned for sound by sliding the collar along the length of the Power cord.  Stealth Audio has been referred to as an industry standard for years. The Stealth Audio Dream V16T UNI is a testament in sustaining the company’s industry standard reputation.  A comprehensive review is in the works. (Moreno Mitchell) 




Stein Q5 Quantum Mains Filter ($450. review upcoming): It looks like an ordinary plug head with copper blades. But don’t let that fool you. Inside it’s packed with an advanced micro circuit and engineered crystals that eliminate the
midrange suck out from conventional parallel line filters. There is zero compression to the sound. Its designed to plug into a power conditioner or wall outlet in your listening room. Seconds after I plugged it in, I experienced more organic natural flow to the music which sounded less electronic and more involving. Just one worked its magic but aditional Q5s 

can be added for increased performance. (David Caplan)





Synergistic Research BLACK Quantum Fuses ($195.00 per fuse): Tiny fuses are a BIG hit! Who would ever think that two tiny audio amplifier fuses could have such a profound, positive result in what we hear from our audio system? That’s exactly what happened when I switched from the two stock fuses that I had been using with my reference Behold stereo amplifier to Synergistic Research’s new BLACK Quantum Fuses. Proprietor Alfred Kainz of Highend-Electronics located in California gave me superb service and sage advice regarding the best way to get maximum effect from these fuses. They are directional and require proper orientation to get the best results. In addition, the near super-conductor graphene is used which requires these fuses to have 25 to 200 hours of burn-in time for them to provide their optimum magic. The more the fuses burned in the more the soundstage increased, harmonics grew denser, and grip in the bass became tighter. All of these attributes allowed this listener to become much more emotionally involved with the music. Synergistic Research’s new fuses seem to allow the amplifier to pass more important information along and perform at its very highest capacity. At $119.95 per fuse you owe it to yourself to give them a try. The results I experienced are a huge bang for the buck. Highly recommended! (Clement Perry, Moreno Mitchell, Dan Secula and Ron Cook) 





Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Speaker Cables (£804/m : Reviewed here), Silver Diamond Interconnects £1980 pr and Silver Diamond AC cords). Following the famed Soundkaos Wave 40 loudspeakers into my humble abode, the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond series cables possess a vibrancy, air and depth that proved exhilerating. In Greg Voth’s system, he noted a “purity, resolve and ease far beyond those cables afforded by my budget.” I couldn’t agree more. (Clement Perry)




Tripoint Audio Empress Speaker Filter Instrument ($45,000 per pair): This is, of course, an expensive cure for all of the RFI and EMI corruption in speaker crossovers. But it works fabulously and after hearing it, I felt it would be difficult to do without. (Norm Luttbeg)




Verastarr Grand Illusion Statement AC Power Cords, Signature Interconnects & Speaker Cables
(Statement AC Power Cords – $4,899, 1.8 meter (6 ft); Signature Interconnects – $2470, 1.0 meter (3.3 ft); and, Signature Speaker Cables – $4,248 (8 ft) reviewed here): Earlier this year, I reviewed a set of cables from this company and was mightily impressed with how they helped raise the overall sonic performance of my reference system.  Specifically, they provided a significant level of overall improvement across the audio spectrum with no particular single sonic characteristic being favored.  By running a full set of these cables, there was a very high level of natural musicality including wonderful preservation of the the integrity of the signal as it passed through my system.  Additionally, these cables enhanced my ability to hear deeper into the music.  The combination of transparency and cohesiveness worked in a synergistic manner that opened up the sound stage in all dimensions.  The unique design and construction of these cables, including variations of high purity silver foils in a flat configuration, along with a very appealing woven outer jacket, helped these cables make not only a very positive sonic impression in my system but also looked great as well. (Bill Wells)


Wells Audio Looking Glass Power Strip ($1,999.00 and $6,000.00. Depending on model selected): Conspiracy theories abound: like the one about me selecting two pieces from Wells Audio for our annual virtual awards. Am I a Russian agent? Do I speak fluent Australian? Will I ever run for StereoTimes class president? Stay tuned! But until then, I can tell you that as far as tweaky audio “accessories” are concerned, the Wells Audio Looking Glass power strip is not one.  Rather, this unassuming metal box seems absolutely unparalleled in the realm of difference-for-the-better a power strip can make in your system. Using “secret” technology known only to Jack Bybee, John Curl, Edward Snowden and Jeff Wells, this unassuming (relatively) small strip of outlets provides shockingly audible gains in clarity and background silence and equally large helpings of reductions in audible grain and strain.  It really is HiFi Windex; even doing a good job transforming a well-known “budgetary” Swiss “reference” amp whose sound I hated into one I then strongly (but briefly) considered not selling (but then I did).  Really an impressive change!   And to think I told Jeff Wells I was worried I wouldn’t hear a difference. Ha! Immediate, ‘uuuuuge and obviously fantastic all around! Everything else is horrible. Terrible. The American People deserve better. Cancel order! (David Abramson)



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