The Richard Gray's Power Company™ Launches New, Easy to Navigate Web Site

Richard Gray's Power Company™ Launches New, Easy to Navigate Web Site
For Immediate Release
13 December 2000

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- December 13, 2000 -- Audio Line Source, LLP., is pleased to unveil its new web site, Designed by, the new site provides timely information, reviews and advice in a user-friendly package.

The revamped web site provides advice on the setup of RGPC products in conjunction with televisions, as well as audio and home theater systems. The site contains an interactive feature that allows site users to send their own system information to Richard Gray for a complete evaluation that will maximize the performance of RGPC products in each unique user set-up. The site also proudly displays RGPC’s presence in the state-of-the-art CBS Studios listening room. Additionally, users can access product descriptions, reviews, and warranties and locate dealers in their area.

Highlighted on the new site is RGPC model 1200S, a single, all-inclusive parallel power line enhancer that supplies cleaner power to multiple components.  Offering the power of two RGPC 400S’, 12 Hubbell outlets and a 20 amp system, the RGPC 1200S effectively stores and releases energy instantaneously to components that are often starved for current. Its unique design also makes it an effective surge-protection system.

Richard Gray's Power Company designs, engineers and manufacturers high-end home theater and audio components that deliver the power needed to boost a system's performance. The line enhancers place components "electronically closer" to utility company transformers, eliminating any noise, cross talk and power drains that detract from a system's ability to accurately reproduce audio and video.

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