Sophisticated Room Acoustic Modeling with CARA 2.0

Sophisticated Room Acoustic Modeling with CARA 2.0
For Immediate Release
12 January 2001

Columbia, MD - Rhintek Incorporated announces the availability of CARA 2.0 in the US and Canadian markets. CARA, Computer Aided Room Acoustics, is a popular German room acoustic modeling software package used by hobbyists and professionals to accurately determine the properties of sound waves in custom room designs.

Now that electronic audio systems have virtually eliminated distortion through digital technology, room acoustics are the next challenge in perfecting the sound experience.

CARA 2.0 consists of:

  1. CARACAD - a room design tool tailored for room acoustics. Create complicated floor plans, add cathedral ceilings and sloped floors, attach different materials to surfaces, create and save furniture pieces, etc.,

  2. CARACAD Materials Editor - edits material properties to establish absorption coefficients across all relevant audio frequencies,

  3. CARACAD Loudspeaker Editor and Wizard - creates custom loudspeakers.

  4. CARACALC - performs numerous calculations on CARACAD designs to determine the sound field properties and best positioning of loudspeakers.

  5. ETS2DV - sophisticated graph program to view and adjust 2D graphs.

  6. 6. ETS3DV - displays 3 and 4 dimensional data as graphs and movies.

Dr. Ulrich Thomanek, German physicist and acoustic expert, developed this program using comprehensive mathematical models incorporating both classical and the latest theories of sound propagation, absorption, and reflection. As Chief Scientist at the German high-end loudspeaker firm, ELAC, Dr. Thomanek produced many revolutionary loudspeaker designs and modeling programs.

With several thousand copies of CARA 1.11 sold in German, CARA 2.0 contains many requested features and is translated into English for broader market appeal. Rhintek, Inc. of Columbia, Maryland was chosen as the US partner for sales and technical support.

CARA 2.0 is available for $49 from Rhintek Incorporated.

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