Sin City: Part One

Sin City: Part One
The CES 2000 Show from Las Vegas, Nevada
Clement Perry
24 January 2000

Wow has this placed changed a lot in only a year. The Hotel Casinos have become enormous in size, appearance and from the looks of it, investment capital. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino extended its already quite decadent look, by adding a new wing and pool suited Lou "Left Channel" Lanese and I just fine. We enjoyed the rooms over all excellent looks and first-rate comforts keeping us well informed that we were there to cover the Sound!

This years show was no different from the year last. The attendance this year was possibly better than in ’99, but still down from some previous years. One interesting occurrence was the CES exhibitors - particularly at The Elexis Park and The Show – demonstrated noticeably more two-channel audio than multi-channel home theater. Impressive stereo die-hard types like me were grateful considering the trend toward multi channel formats had been taking over at past (Stereophile) shows. I would take it that two channel is alive and well to all in attendance here.

A picture is worth a thousand words so lets get down to the nitty gritty and show you readers what we (Lou, Arnie and I) thought to be highlights of this years show. Shall we.

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Von Schweikert AlbertVR5_T.GIF (7519 bytes) Sony SACD Ed Meitner
Spendor_T.jpg (8678 bytes) Audes Coincidence-Manley_T.jpg (6251 bytes) light Cary JM Lab_T.jpg (7409 bytes)
Jim Wang Shun Mook Room Analysis Plus Genisis 350SE's
Electro Design Group Audio Research Lunch Group Maggie's
Mike Kochman Nearfield and Lamm Immedia Room Chesky's Sal
Hamilton Audio Everest Green Mountain Audio The Theta Room Marantz America SACD
Chadd Kassem Harry Pearson and Clement Perry Lew Lanese Arnie Balgavis at Lunch

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