Audio Magic Oracle 24 AC Line Enhancer

Never Say Never!

Audio Magic was formed in 1998 specializing in the manufacturing of silver cables. However, as the company grew, they decided to explore/expand their patented technology into building passive field conditioners. The primary focus of these type products is to remove noise. As all audiophiles are aware, noise is a common killer to any system regardless of price and/or sophistication. The more noise removed the more realistic it will sound. 

The Audio Magic Oracle 24 is a very powerful device which will remove noise from the hot, neutral, and ground as well as emit a powerful field in your room to combat ambient Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).  A convenient way to improve on the Oracle is to place a P.E.A directly underneath the Oracle which will allow the components in the Oracle to work a lot more efficiently. The P.E.A quite simply makes all the electrons in the Oracle spin in a uniform manner called “spintronics” instead of spinning up or spinning down in a random pattern which causes mass chaos and adds noise and reduces efficiency, the P.E.A will restore order, thus allowing a noise free environment.

My fascination originally began after a lengthy phone chat with Buffer Ergmann of Laufer Teknik on my favorite subject: TWEAKS!. Of course, like two little girls, we went on and on about how they improved our respective systems. In particular, how wonderful my system sounds since the addition of the IPC products (reviewed here). Buffer raved about the Audio Magic Oracle 24. He raved about what the Oracle 24 and the Pulse Electron Alignment unit brings to the table. I’m thinking hey, I just invested in the world’s best tweaks, so how do you improve upon that? Well, I’m wasn't sold. The kicker for me at least, was, both Audio Magic units are passive designs: the only connection required is your wall outlet. Like the IPC devices, you do not have to place them in the signal path.

So I decided to ring up Jerry Ramsey at Audio Magic and request that he send me an Oracle 24 and a Pulse Electron Alignment (PEA photo left) unit for an audition, followed with a possible review. Ramsey was very friendly, easy to talk to and most important to me he is down to earth, our conversation went quite well as he agreed to allow me the audition, and there was no pressure to do a review, he wanted my impression of the unit. I gave my initial impression which is posted in the Stereo Times Most Wanted Components 2013.

It also didn’t hurt that I was offered to listen for a few weeks and if I wasn’t convinced of any sonic improvements I could simply box the unit up and send back to the Colorado based company. Okay, fair enough. Prior to receiving the units I took time to look up Audio Magic's website for additional information. Much to my surprise, the site really does not offer much information on their products. Not a good thing for someone like me who would enjoy knowing something about a product prior to their purchase.

Upon receiving the Audio Magic Oracle 24, and Pulse Electron Alignment units (herein PEA), I was pleased with the speed of arrival along with the excellent packaging. I have a pet-peeve about how components are packaged and shipped. I believe this tells a story of how much attention to detail a company pays to its products and for me, this speaks volumes on quality. Audio Magic received an A+ in that department. The Audio Magic weighs approximately 25 pounds, while the PEA was small and weighs less than 2 pounds. Physically, the Oracle 24 sports a granite finish that speaks quality through ad through. Although it concentrates on cleaning up AC noises, it has no plugs or connections whatsoever. It's sole purpose is to be plugged directly into an AC wall outlet or an existing AC conditioner of your choice. What's more strange to me, is that Jerry told me to simply place the battery powered (2 lithium AA) PEA devices directly underneath the Oracle 24 for optimum results. I wanted to ask why, but just followed his instructions, although I must admit I didn’t understand the reasoning. In this hobby hearing is believing, once I switched on the Oracle 24 I was surprised at what occurred.  

At once, the sound became more three-dimensionally pronounced, this was a sound I have not experienced prior to the installation of the Oracle 24 accompanied by the PEA Listening to an older recording Swiss Movement, by Les McCann and Eddie Harris, proved an experience I had not had before. The entire CD is magnificently recorded, however with the addition of the Oracle 24 and P.E.A to my system created a more profound experience.   

The Oracle 24 provided improvements in image specificity, air, bloom and especially three-dimensionality. This became more apparent as I listened further into each track off Swiss Movement. I was mesmerized by not only the instrumental and vocals, but also the live audience participation was infused with more energy.

Just in case you're wondering, I experimented more and more with the Oracle 24’s capabilities by removing and swapping different tweaks and also by switching both the Oracle 24 and IPCs on and off. I discovered - or should I say validated - the differences in their performance through a plethora of diversified recordings ranging from Jazz to R&B, Pop, and Classical. I am hereby convinced that the Oracle 24 coupled with the PEA was the glue that held each recording together no matter the recording quality, venue, recording date or volume. The music, nor my attention became unglued. In essence, it added a sense of life that I had not noticed before. Most importantly, it presented everything in a more natural and organic way.

The recording that really took me over the top was Al Jarreau’s Accentuate the Positive. Every song on this disc top notch, from instrumental solos to Mr. Jarreau’s unique phrasings. As I listened to this award winning CD, I was engulfed in a maze of music of which I did not want to find my way out of. The Oracle 24 and PEA further enhanced this already excellent recording to what one might expect from a hi-rez recording. A good example is: even while sounding more relaxed and eerily quieter, I got the impression the dynamics were superior while the high-frequencies seems far more relaxed and extended at the same time.


I'll place the cart before the horse and tell you the Audio Magic Oracle 24 and PEA have found a new home. This dynamic duo has changed my mindset on what is possible in the here and now. Technology is moving faster than I am willing to admit and it's apparent Jerry Ramsey is on to something quite fascinating and demonstrable in my system. One great feature about the Oracle 24 is, unlike conventional AC conditioners, it can be turned on and off without having to shut down your system. This alone provides super quick A/B comparisons and no matter how many or how often I did these, I always preferred the system's overall performance improved upon with Oracle 24 and PEA installed. I think you would too Highly recommended!



Price: ORACLE-24: $5000