2015 Sound and Sight Exhibition


My one and only visit to Singapore's annual International Sound and Sight Exhibition back in 2001, was among the most memorable trips of my life (see report here). It gives me great pleasure to have our own Eric Teh share his most recent report of that event with all of you (Clement Perry)

Day 1

It's that time of the year again! 
ISSE is back at it's usual venue - the Parkroyal hotel on Kitchener Road. Starting off on with the function rooms, the first stop for the day was X Audio Pte Ltd. Upgrading to a larger room meant that they were able to showcase a much larger system than their usual setup.

Vivid Giya G2.It's smaller siblings, the G3 and B1d are behind.

Aurender W20 and AMG Viella V12 turntable. Wadax Pre One Ultimate Trio and Hermes Server. Mola Mola Makua preamplifier and four Kaluga monoblocks wired for bi-amping.

A close-up of the delectable AMG V12. The brush-like device is the SFC SK-Filter which dispels electrostatic charge. The brush is suspended a few millimeters above the record surface.

Wadax Pre-one Ultimate Trio and Hermes Server.

Mola Mola goodness ! Very unique textured surface - try stroking one.

Swee and Ryan chose to showcase the Vivid Giya G2 speaker this year. Vivid's special 10th anniversary model, the B1d and the G3 were also on display. Partnering equipment included the Aurender W20 music streamer and AMG Viella V12 turntable, Wadax DAC / Preamplifier (used as a DAC and phono stage), Mola Mola Makua preamplifier and Kaluga monoblocks. The Wadax was capable of doing room correction, but this was not used for the show. 

While the sound on the first day was quite good, I felt that it was not up to the full potential of the system. The system made a remarkable leap in performance the following day (see my comments at the end).

Power conditioning was handled by Torus, and a wide variety of accessories and cabling from Acoustic Revive, Acrolink and Entreq were in use.

Entreq Poseidon ground conditioner.

MSB Technology Signature DAC V.

Octave integrated tube amplifier.

Mono phono amps from Phasemation.

Mizik electronics. Wadax trickle-down technology at affordable pricing.

Beautiful headphone stands from Codia

Philip Guttentag, CEO of Vivid Audio and Javier Guandalajara of Wadax attended the show. I had very interesting talks with both, and Javier revealed that Mizik should have something very exciting soon.

Moving on to Audio Line's room, music was flowing beautifully from the Technics Reel-to-Reel deck. A staggering array of Pure Audio electronics were visible, paired with  Von Schweikert VR-55 speakers. 

Perfect if gold is your favourite colour.

Von Schweikert VR-55 speakers

You could not help but notice the massive amounts of chrome and gold from the Triangle ART turntables on display also. My timing was perfect, as Tom Vu, principal of Triangle ART stepped forward to showcase his babies.

KR Audio Kronzilla SX - Perfect for those who like them tubes big !

Rogers EHF-200 Mk 2.